The Official Quickstart Course for LifterLMS

In this free course, you will discover how LifterLMS empowers you to easily create, sell and protect engaging online courses from your WordPress powered website.

By taking this course you will be able to quickly build and launch your first course with LifterLMS.

For best results follow along with Chris and build your course side by side with him.

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Estimated Time: 1 Day

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Course Instructor

Edmund Edmund Author

Following 20 years in retail management I decided to pursue a completely different course, by buying a van and setting myself up as a freelance courier/owner-driver. After 6 months, I could not understand why I had not done it sooner. Gone were the 14-hour days, where I only got paid for 8 of them. Gone were the bosses, with their unrealistic expectations and gone were the needy staff! I had always enjoyed driving and now I was getting paid more than I had at any time during during my entire retail career to do what I enjoyed, with virtually none of the hassle and I also had the satisfaction of knowing that when I worked longer hours, I was earning more money.

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