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  • Do you enjoy driving?
  • Are you feeling stuck in a rut?
  • Is your current job leaving you feeling disillusioned and unsatisfied?
  • Boss making unreasonable demands?
  • Finding yourself working additional hours, which you don’t get paid for?
  • Not enough time with your family?
  • Do you feel unqualified to find work elsewhere?

Why not turn your passion for driving into a regular income stream?

  • As a self-employed, freelance courier, you can expect to generate an income in excess of £1000 per week!
  • Get paid based upon your results.
  • You will have control over your own business.
  • You can choose when to work and who to work for.
  • Decide for yourself what your work/life balance will be.
  • Get paid for doing something that you enjoy!

Driving For Profit is dedicated to helping you to get set-up as a profitable freelance courier/owner-driver and keeping you informed of developments withing the courier and logistics industries.

You will get access to information on the following topics:

Whilst we are proud of the information available on this website and genuinely believe that it provides great value to people interested in couriering, more information and detail can be found in our book Driving For Profit: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Profitable Freelance Courier/Owner-Driver

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