UK Unemployment Rising – What Can You Do?

Last month it was announced that in the three months to December, unemployment rose by its fastest rate in almost five years.

Fuelled by an increase in unemployment among young people under the age of 24, the number of jobless rose by 46,000 to stand at 1.47 million, according to the Office for National Statistics.

This deterioration was further emphasised by figures showing a slowdown in the creation of jobs, a fall in the number of hours worked and a dip in productivity growth.

This bleak outlook was further compounded by the Bank of England suggesting that the UK economy was overheating, following a sharp rise in inflation, suggesting that there is the potential for further interest rate rises looming on the horizon.

Additionally, according to the TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, “The great pay squeeze continues. This is the 10th month in a row that real wages have fallen.”

The ‘gig’ Economy

All this pessimism may be what is driving the so-called ‘gig’ economy, which is a phrase that has been coined to describe the rapid growth in flexible, freelance type of work where people get paid for individual ‘gigs’ undertaken on behalf of an ’employer’. This employer, could be a regular company, individual or government organisation, or it could be a variety of different companies and/or individuals.

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Self-Employed Freelance Couriers

Self-employed, freelance couriers would qualify as being classed as part of the gig economy.

You may have found yourself:

  • In the unfortunate position of having recently lost your job.
  • In a situation where your current work does not feel very secure.
  • In a situation where you are just not be happy doing what you are currently doing.
  • Being a victim of stagnant wage growth.

If any of these things are the case, then now might be the time to consider getting your voice heard and joining the growing army of gig-economy workers and set yourself up as a self-employed freelance courier.


Proponents of the gig economy claim that people can benefit from flexible hours, with control over how much time they can work as they juggle other priorities in their lives. This is definitely one of the many benefits of becoming a self-employed, freelance courier.

Unlike a ‘regular job’ where sometimes you can find yourself taking on additional work, which often does not come with any additional payments. As a freelance courier, you will get paid in accordance with the work you undertake.

Those of you with a strong work ethic, and who are prepared to be flexible, can expect to be well rewarded for your efforts. It is not an unrealistic expectation to bring in over £1000 per week, which even after costs, is still much higher than many people in middle management positions often get paid, with non of the added hassle and macho ‘the-longer-I-work-each-day-for-no-reward-the-better’ type of philosophy,which is so prevalent in this type of work.

As a freelance courier, you commit to undertaking a job. You do the job. You get paid. It’s that simple! You can boost your income, by doubling-up jobs and by finding ‘return work’ (i.e. jobs on the way home, from whatever location you find yourself in. You can find more information on this here).

If you decide not to work for any particular reason, at any particular time, you don’t work. Again, it’s that simple!

Obviously, being self-employed means that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid, which brings its own challenges in terms of effective budgeting and planning ahead. However, the fact remains that you have more control over your own time, which can be a great boost to your work/life balance.

Driving You Crazy


Here is the cautionary bit…….

Irrespective of how crumby you current situation may feel to you, or how much you like the idea of being your own boss, please do not entertain the idea of becoming a self-employed, freelance courier if you don’t enjoy driving!

If you do enjoy driving, however, it can be a highly rewarding and enjoyable vocation.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about becoming a self-employed, freelance courier please click on the links below:

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