Speed Limits and Restrictions

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 UK Speed Limits

If you’re in a commercial vehicle, don’t wait until you get pulled over by the Police to discover that the standard speed limits don’t necessarily apply to you. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the differences, by following the links within this section and reading on.

When behind the wheel of anything larger than a car. E.g. Vans or trucks up to 7.5 tonnes, you need to be especially wary as your particular speed restriction is possibly going to be less than what was indicated on that speed limit sign that you passed half-a-mile back. Our picture above shows the national speed limit, which on a single carriageway is 60mph if you’re in a car. If you’re in a van, the limit for you now is just 50mph. Same road, same sign. The only thing that has changed is the vehicle that you’re in.

When towing a trailer, there are similar variations that you would be wise to familiarise yourself with.


Pretty quickly, you will get used to these nuances in UK law regarding speed limits. When first starting out, a spot of revision as advised in our page on rules and regulations is definitely worth the effort to avoid falling foul of the law. Especially, if you have been used to driving a car for several years before becoming a freelance courier, or van driver in a commercial vehicle.

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