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Many freelance couriers will be in a van, or at least in charge of a couple of tonnes of metal and rubber, which can travel at high speeds, thus providing the potential for a lethal cocktail.

The Highway Code

There is plenty of information and there are statistics available regarding the dangers of using the nations roads, which we will not repeat here. What we do need to be mindful of, however, is that fact that as a freelance courier, or road-user generally, we should be very aware of the potential dangers that are intrinsic in driving in the UK.

As a result of all this jeopardy, it is no surprise that there are many laws, rules and regulations that apply to all road users, not-least the humble white van man!

Without doubt, out best starting point is the Highway Code. Originally published as 18 pages of advice, in the UK, in 1931. It has had many updates since to become the go-to place to find all the rules and regulations as pertaining to drivers in the United Kingdom.

Back in 1931, it would have set you back 1 penny. However, despite the current version being huge by comparison and full of detail, it is available for free online.

Highway Code, van driver, freelance courier
DfT Official Highway Code

Irrespective of your current level of driving experience, we would recommend that you re-visit the Highway Code due to the fact that changes are constantly being made to it and it will doubtless contain some new nugget of information that you were previously unaware of.

The Realm of the Commercial Van Driver

We are all bound by the laws of the land, including those appertaining to the use of the nations highways and byways. However, as a commercial driver, there are additional regulations that you would do well to be aware of.

Please visit the relevant site pages for more details on the following key areas to familiarise yourself with:

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